Despite the critical role email plays in day–to–day business, email servers typically are not protected by a corporation's firewall and security appliances. Often inbound email is passed through regardless of content, size, or address and is directed straight to the email system. This creates a perfect opportunity for attackers, spammers, and senders of email viruses to cause problems – costing millions of dollars in lost productivity, interruption of services, and wasted or damaged systems. In addition, spam containing offensive material, such as pornography, can result in employee complaints and possible legal action.

The only way a company can avoid these costly risks is to proactively protect the email system at the perimeter of the network.

It Blocks Spam and Viruses – Before They Reach Your Network

VSS Business Solutions comprehensive email security services protect your email system from spam, viruses and other email-borne attacks – before they reach your network. Unlike solutions that provide security at the network gateway or on the desktop, Postini extends protection beyond the server to the Internet. Customers gain an added layer of protection and extended security capabilities, securing both the SMTP connection and message content.