ASP DOT NETMicrosoft .NET Framework provides a dual-function technology environment- development and execution- that facilitates the seamless interaction of different programming languages and libraries to create Windows-based applications that are easier to build, deploy, manage and integrate with other network and legacy systems.

With Web service architecture, .NET framework enables new and legacy applications (personal and business) to connect with software and services across platforms, applications and programming languages. Imagine being able to link critical client, product and business information across user groups, while controlling who has access to what and when.

"Real-time." We’ve all heard that expression, but what does it mean? Within a .NET framework, information flows freely and immediately throughout the organization. .NET connected software allows users to enhance the value of existing systems by extending these platforms to partners, suppliers and customers.

With greater accessibility of information, business partners can deliver value to customers more readily, and ahead of the competition. VSS Business Solutions has the experience and .NET savvy to guide your company through an effective implementation of .NET framework.

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