Electronic Payment SolutionsGot plastic? Does your company accept credit cards from customers for payment? Would giving your customers a faster and more convenient way of paying you help your business? Credit card processing provides mutual benefits to the business and its customers including: secure payment processing, low processing fees, decreased risk of fraud.

VSS Business Solutions offers companies of all types the ability to accept electronic payments from their customers. With ongoing advances in e-commerce, it is critical to the success of a company to modernize its payment processing technology.

VSS Business Solutions offers companies from all industries a wide variety of technology-based e-commerce solutions such as:

  • Credit card processing
  • Debit card processing
  • Electronic check acceptance
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Remote check deposit (scan checks right to your bank, with funds available within 24 hours for scans completed before 6:30pm EST)

Most credit card transactions are processed in one of several ways: swipe of the magnetic strip, manual entry into the terminal, computer or the company’s website. While the method varies by industry, what doesn’t change is the process of authorization, capture and deposit. At VSS, our transaction payment services allow business to quickly and efficiently implement payment acceptance technology to enhance the speed of revenue collection.

Our payment services and technologies can be adapted for businesses with various specialized needs- retailers, restaurants, hotels, mail/phone/internet merchants, and mobile merchants, among others. Take the guesswork out of payment processing, and focus on what you do best- serving your loyal customers.

Contact VSS Business Solutions at (610) 910-4018 for an overview of payment processing technology, and which solution(s) might work best for your company.