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How to keep you US Trademark active
Failure to file the required maintenance documents discussed in this video can result in the cancellation of your registration.

Windows XP Support Ends April 8
Windows XP Support Ends April 8

Health Mirror 1.0
VSS Business Solutions has been very quiet on news post in the past year. Here is why...

There's a Tax for that!
"There's a Tax for that". I try not to get too political on my website. But this was tech related.

Remember to cast your vote in the Primary Election
Remember to cast your vote in the Primary Election, April 3, 2012 in Cecil County


It's MAN vs. Bug in Maryland Community! (Chesapeak Ranch Estates)

    Pearched nearly 100 feet above the bay's shoreline, the residents of Chesapeak Ranch Estates have watched for decades as the waters and winds ripped away the land beneath their homes.  Some houses built over 100 feet away from the cliffs edge just 20 years ago are now only around 10 feet from total disaster! 

    A beatle (insect) community seems to have property rights over the human community that paid for that that land. This gives a entire new meaning to squaters rights! 

Download the full story from the attached PDF file.

Cre Cliff Article.pdf

Opinion: I believe the land owners should be able to work with the state of Maryland towards a viable solution for both. The land owners should be allowed to construct a retaining wall and the state of Maryland should be able to drudge sand and reconstruct the beetles cliff at the states own expense. The state of Maryland is really overstepping their authority with these property owners.

Point: If you have a bug problem we have the right to call an exterminator. Is the states positioning their selves to tell us that we are not allowed to do this anymore? If it was my home I would anonymously spray pesticide on the cliff and claim there are no beetle’s there.. then reapply for the retention wall. The state does not want to help the beetles nor the property owners at this point. I am flabbergasted that the state is more interested in helping the beetles than human beings. It just goes to show the mentality of some state agencies.