Security ManagementWhen a computer connects to a network and begins communicating with others, it is taking a risk. Internet security involves the protection of a computers internet account and files from intrusion of an outside user. Basic security measures involve protection by well selected passwords, change of file permissions and back up of computers data.

Security concerns are in some ways peripheral to normal business working, but serve to highlight just how important it is that business users feel confident when using IT systems. Security will probably always be high on the IT agenda simply because cyber criminals know that a successful attack is very profitable. This means they will always strive to find new ways to circumvent IT security, and users will consequently need to be continually vigilant. Whenever decisions need to be made about how to enhance a system, security will need to be held uppermost among its requirements.

Internet security professionals should be fluent in the four major aspects:

Penetration testing
Intrusion Detection
Incidence Response
Legal / Audit Compliance

VSS Business Solutions specializes in securing the infrustructure from network invasion. We prevent and remove spam, viruses, and malware/spyware from computers (PC) too.

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