Targeted Marketing

Targeted-MarketingMarketing drives lead generation. Lead generation drives new sales and increased revenue. Are you achieving satisfactory ROI for your marketing efforts? Not doing any marketing at all?

Getting your company’s message across to prospects is critical to gaining their acceptance of your products and services, and ultimately, their buy-in. Without the right tools in place, you’ll be left wondering how to generate warm, incoming leads and referrals.

VSS Business Solutions offers direct mail and email marketing programs that give you complete control over your company’s marketing efforts. We can develop custom, professional looking pieces for mailing efforts, and powerful, clever email templates that find their way past Junk Folders, and into your targeted customer’s mailbox.

  • • Want to send a campaign to targeted group of customers and prospects, instead of your entire database? VSS can show you how.
  • • Trying to maximize your exposure? VSS can help you create mass mail/email campaigns that reach a larger audience, while keeping your message intact.

  • Is timely and accurate marketing feedback valuable? No question.
  • • Our email marketing programs will tell you who opened your emails, what links they clicked, and other valuable information.
  • • With useful information and market intelligence in hand, you can tweak the content of your campaigns, using specific keywords that reach your audience more cost effectively, producing greater marketing ROI.

Many companies are sensitive to email spam.VSS Business Solutions can provide you with prospect-friendly unsubscribe tools that allow recipients to opt-out of future mailings, or simply change their mailing preferences. Smart, respectful tools like our unsubscribe system helps you to preserve your integrity with your prospects.

Call VSS Business Solutions at (610) 910-4018 to learn more about how our targeted marketing services can help your company achieve greater ROI with marketing.