Flash Design

Flash design can help your company add stunning visuals, motion graphics and video that captures your customer’s attention. With our flash design solutions, VSS Business Solutions can add interactive components to your website by blending audio, video, graphics and text into a visually appealing format.

Flash design can make any company look good, but more importantly, they offer your company a unique and engaging means of communicating with clients and broadening marketing efforts.

Video Production

Long gone are the days of shaky, hand-held corporate videos that look as though they were filmed using a home video camera.

VSS Business Solutions offers professional, high-quality video production that uses the latest in video technologies, including: HD video cameras, digital video processing and lighting and sound capture.

Unsure about how your company can use video? Some of our clients have used video production as follows:

  • • Video messaging from the President of a company, embedded into a quarterly newsletter
  • • Product/service demonstrations available for viewing on your website
  • • Training videos for customers offered on DVD and your company website

Need privacy to film your company video, or just prefer to be discreet? No problem. VSS Business Solutions can accommodate any video production request- filming onsite at your office, offsite, or in our office.

Some of our most innovative projects combine video and flash design using the collective talents and expertise of our flash developers and videographers. Unique and interactive content can create the optimal buying environment for your customers.

Call us at (610) 910-4018, and describe what your company would like to accomplish, and we’ll design an appropriate video and flash configuration that meets your operational and budgetary considerations.